Fit Tea Review

Fit Tea Review

Fit Tea is a completely organic detox tea that we consider the perfect solution for dieters or anyone else targeting the goal of all natural weight loss. This supplement is based on green tea which is full of antioxidants and can help you with burning fat, increased energy, body detox, suppressed appetite, plus give your body a healthy boost to its immune system. Although Fit Tea costs more than others, it scored our highest rating. Read more of our Fit Tea review below and see why we recommend this popular detox tea!

Fit Tea Review
There are numerous detox tea products on the market today, but very few (if any) are as easy to use with the kind of results that Fit Tea offers. This product scored the highest review of all the detox tea brands on our website and there are a number of different reasons why. First, if you look at the ingredients inside this product (listed below) you will find that it’s full of organic plants, roots and herbs which are easy to lookup and research online. Lots of these have been tested and proven to assist primarily in weight loss, but also in body cleansing and overall improved health as well. Fit Tea is FDA approved unlike many others – it’s also made in the USA. Secondly, the time it took to prepare Fit Tea was close to zero in minutes and the product really does work. I lost 8 pounds after trying the 14 day detox cleanse. My blood pressure went down, energy went up, and my digestion feels like it has drastically improved. Overall, I felt it was well worth the slightly higher cost that it carries compared to others.

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How to use Fit Tea
Once you learn how to use Fit Tea the first time you’ll know it forever. This product is so easy to prepare and drink you will love it! It comes as a pouch of loose tea when you receive it. Simply place a teaspoon of Fit Tea in your tea strainer or tea ball and then put that in your mug or cup of almost boiling hot water to steep for a few minutes. I’ve found this tea will taste great all day long by itself. However, if you’re looking to add more flavor then consider adding some honey, lemon, or agave. For those who do not know, agave nectar is a sweetener that is also good for your health (just like honey). Once it’s done you can drink your Fit Tea hot, slightly cooled, or cold. It’s a tasty drink that will help you get through morning routines much better than coffee.

Fit Tea Ingredients
Ingredients inside Fit Tea are certified Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and organic.

Green tea – This is probably the most popular ingredient known to users. Green tea is grown in many different parts of Asian and has been valued for its health benefits since the 12th century. It’s full of antioxidants including a powerful one called ECGC. These antioxidants have numerous medicinal effects and are packed with important minerals to cleanse your body. Green tea is famous for reducing belly fat, but also has just enough caffeine to give you a boost without any jittery feelings.
Oolung Wu Yi Tea – This partially fermented brown tea comes from China and is known to boost metabolism while also sharpening mental alertness.
Rooibos Tea – A reddish-brown herbal tea that is full of flavor and made from leaves of a plant that grows in South Africa. It contains no caffeine, offers a good health benefits, and is used to help with relaxation. It’s also been reported to be anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory.
Garcinia cambogia – Commonly used in Indian and Thai cooking, this tropical fruit called Malabar tamarind has a chemical which promotes weight loss.
Pomegranate – This nutritional fruit comes from ancient Iran and was used as a medicine in ancient India. Pomegranate seeds contain vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and fiber. It’s known to prevent artery health and assist in fighting “bad” cholesterol while raising “good” cholesterol.
Ginger – It’s the most commonly grown herb in the world! Ginger contains vitamin C and has been reported to boost metabolism and promote artery health, while contributing to weight loss.
Guarana – This berry comes from the Amazon where it’s been used in teas for centuries. It’s increases stamina and physical endurance. It contains some caffeine, plus natural chemicals which slow down the effect of caffeine. This makes it a great mental stimulant. In South America Guarana is used for treading obesity, partially because it also contains antioxidants.
Birch – A natural stimulant of the endocrine glands, a tonic, and a diuretic.
Stevia – A natural plant that grows in Asia and South America, stevia has been used as a natural sweetener for hundreds of years and contains no calories.
Honey – Although it’s a sugar, honey contains healthy nutrients that help the body burn fat.
Sea salt – An ingredient that contains minerals providing electrolytes to help re-hydrate you.

Fit Tea for Weight Loss
Fit Tea has been one of the easiest products to use for quick and simple weight loss. Drink one cup in the morning and it should help you feel a comfortable blend of active and relaxed all day long. Drinking a cup in the morning also contributes to natural weight loss by suppressing your appetite for both breakfast and lunch throughout the day.

This extremely beneficial tea doesn’t just help with burning fat; It can also help reduce bloating and clean your body of toxins that are released from fat cells when they burn. This is actually an essential component of the Fit Tea product and part of what makes this product work so well. Along with that, other weight loss products on the market have horrible side effects which you just don’t get using Fit Tea. Along with the health benefits it offers, I just can’t see any reason you would want to use a different method of weight loss!

Benefits of Fit Tea
The ingredients listed above play a big role in how this tea benefits your body. First, the antioxidants inside Fit Tea will quickly start working to detoxify your urinary and digestive systems, while also suppressing your appetite for large quantities of food. This can be a huge benefit to anyone who struggles with over eating! It can also help those who crave sugar, are addicted to caffeine, or experience headaches on a regular basis.

It’s great to start your day off with a boost of energy! One positive benefit to Fit Tea is that it won’t give you jitters like coffee or energy pills. Instead, drinking a cup of this supplement in the morning will leave you feeling energized and motivated to become active on a natural scale.

Other benefits that Fit Tea offers would include a boost in your metabolism (causing you to burn fat), lowering of your blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol, a boost to your immune system (which also helps fight off a cold), reduced bloating, lower blood pressure, and an increase in both your stamina and mental alertness.

If you’re serious about starting a detox cleanse with the purpose of weight loss in mind, our highest recommendation would be Fit Tea. It’s been tested and really works! It has a soothing lemon and ginger aroma with a calming lemon and ginger (with honey) taste. You’ll love it!

Fit Tea

Fit Tea












            • Proven Success
            • Natural Ingredients
            • One Cup Per Day
            • Quick & Easy Preparation
            • Start/Stop Anytime


            • Slightly Higher Price
            • No Flavor Selection

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