Lyfe Detox Tea Review

Lyfe Detox Tea Review

Lyfe Tea is a US-based company that offers a wide range of natural detox teas perfect for those who are looking to lose some weight and cleanse their body of nasty toxins which will improve their overall health and wellness. Some of the amazing benefits included are improved digestion, better energy, reduced bloating, faster metabolism and less appetite. Now you can begin to see why Lyfe Tea has scored the second highest rating on our site! Continue reading our Lyfe Tea review below to learn more about this popular detox tea.

Lyfe Detox Tea Review
I was a little surprised after doing some research for Lyfe Tea online and then coming across some of the poor reviews which people had left for it. While their tea did have some negatives compared to the best detox tea listed, I personally had a great time trying it out for two weeks! Before I explain some of the reasons why I enjoyed this cleanse; I want to quickly explain why Lyfe Tea didn’t get the top rating for best detox tea brand. My first (and biggest) reason was price. Both Lyfe Tea and our top-rated brand worked well and could be recommended to all. However, at about one-third an additional cost compared to our top rated brand, I really feel that Lyfe Tea is a little over priced. That leads into the second reason why Lyfe Tea lost some points, convenience. One of the biggest perks to our top rated tea is the fact that you only need to drink one cup per day. For those of us who love tea and can drink it all day long two cups would be no problem. But, for those wanting a convenient and simple detox they would likely rather drink just one instead. Aside from these two reasons the Lyfe Tea detox tea was great! As I mentioned above, the company is based in the USA. Also, this two week detox felt more caffeine based than others have in the past have. The morning blend gave a fantastic boost in energy which had me going strong all day long. I also felt more alert throughout the day while not having much desire for food either. I think most will find the morning blend of tea tastes great and goes down really smooth. When it comes time for the evening cup prepare to feel more relaxed than ever before. The night blend took me down slowly and really did assist in a restful sleep! Detox antioxidants kick in with the night blend so you may find yourself using the bathroom once or twice before bed or in the morning. I found that in itself worked really well around my daily schedule! In the end I feel that Lyfe detox tea does exactly what it advertises. Although it’s a little pricey and you’ll need to plan on drinking two cups each day for it to work, the results are real. I consider this a great tea choice for anyone with body cleansing or weight loss in mind. The ingredients are a little more energy boosting than some of the others, so you should start to notice a higher metabolism almost immediately when you begin this regimen!

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How to use Lyfe Detox Tea
Like most other detox tea products out there, Lyfe Tea is pretty simple to use. First, you need to know that Lyfe Tea is a loose-leaf tea which means the product needs to go into a teabag or infuser before drinking. With the morning blend you will add one tablespoon to eight ounces of hot water and then let it steep for 2-10 minutes before drinking. When you begin the evening blend add one tablespoon to eight ounces of hot water and then let it steep for 1 minute before drinking. Next, slowly increase the steeping time for the night blend to better suit your needs!

Lyfe Detox Tea Ingredients
Credit must be given to Lyfe Tea for using a great variety of natural ingredients within their detox tea products. The morning tea includes a blend green tea, ginger, yerba mate, moringa oleifer, lemon peel and guarana. Listed below is a small breakdown of those ingredients:

Green Tea – It’s the most popular form of tea that we see everywhere. Green tea is actually full of healthy antioxidants and also offers a good source of caffeine. Since caffeine is proven to increase the bodies metabolic rate by a process called thermogenesis, green tea is great for natural weight loss, more energy and alertness!
Ginger – We often see ginger used in different cooking recipes. It’s been said that ginger increases metabolism and also aids in digestion, but this hasn’t been proven.
Yerba Mate – This stimulant is often used in fitness supplements. Yerba Mate increases energy levels similar to caffeine. Unlike other sports supplements, Yerba Mate gives you more energy but doesn’t cause jitters or other side effects.
Moringa Olifera – This plant has been used by natural medicine believers for centuries. It’s been said to have huge health benefits because it’s packed with high levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Moringa Olifera has been used to treat numerous ailments in the past.
Lemon Peel – Lemons contain a high amount of Vitamin C which is good for the body. To go along with that, the sweet taste of lemons may add some flavor into this tea.
Guarana – This caffeine rich ingredient is also known for boosting metabolism and energy.

You can see why Lyfe Tea might be the perfect choice for someone wanting to lose weight. With all of those caffeine based ingredients you have to wonder how you could ever sleep at night! The evening blend is made up of chamomile, dandelion leaf, senna leaves/pods and nettle leaf. Read below to see what ingredients are inside to improve relaxation in the evening.

Chamomile – You may see Chamomile in other teas or medicines you’ve used in the past. It helps with insomnia because it has a calming effect on the body. Chamomile may also help with inflammation and digestion.
Senna Leaves / Pods – Commonly associated with being a natural laxative, the leaves and pods of a Senna plant aid with body digestion and cleansing.
Nettle Leaf – The infamous Nettle leaf is also known for being a natural laxative. It can aid with urinary problems because it helps to regulate bladder activity.
Dandelion Extract – Similar to the other ingredients, Dandelion extract is another natural laxative and diuretic that aids in digestion and flushing of the system.

Lyfe Detox Tea for Weight Loss
The ingredients that Lyfe Tea has put into their product makes this a wonderful choice for anyone desiring weight loss. High metabolism and energy boosting ingredients in the morning have you moving around and being active all day. At the same time, detoxifying ingredients in the evening relaxes your body and releases nasty toxins which have been building and causing you both poor health and extra weight. These two blends together offer you a 24 hour regimen for shedding pounds. The fact that Lyfe Tea is more natural than almost any diet pill should make this an easy choice for anyone thinking about trying this as a diet regimen!

Benefits of Lyfe Detox Tea
This tea offers several great benefits to your body when taken. Anyone who struggles with overeating can begin a Lyfe Tea diet regimen and expect appetite suppression because of the Chamomile and Dandelion extract inside. There are also several ingredients which can assist with metabolism boosting and burning of fat as well. Expect more weight loss benefits with this tea as opposed to internal health benefits. But, the green tea and Moringa Olifera plant are great for cleansing of your body, and Nettle Leaf will help flush out those bad toxins at night.

This tea is ideal for anyone wanting a boost of energy or lose of weight. It tastes pretty good right out of the bag, but consider adding an all natural sweeteners such as honey or lemon if you’re looking for a little more flavor. Stop waiting and give the Lyfe Tea regimen a shot today!

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